March 31, 2004


Good day. What a smashing start! The weasel evolves very well. Thanks to all the people who have sent feedback, suggestions, bugs and even packages -- have a look at the sidebar.

At this point just a few answers without questions:

- Yes, the weasel will be dockable at any side of the screen.
- Yes, on some systems there are problems when running the weasel with metacity as WM. Investigation in progress.
- Yes, we encourage you to pet your weasel from time to time.

Thanks for reading & enjoy the weasel.

- Timo

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March 27, 2004

The weasel got a new friend

Great news for lazy people. Pascal from [] created SUSE RPMs which can be found here [].

- Timo

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March 25, 2004

Hello World

Well, today is the great escape. The weasel hits the road. Please drive carefully and report any damage (bugs) you discover. Its a pretty young creature and still needs a lot of affection.

To get it straight: We're somewhat happy to release XMMS Weasel v0.0.1. Download the source, ./configure && make && sudo make install, restart XMMS and simply dock XMMS at the top of your screen.

Please feel free to contribute packages for the various Linux distributions, *BSDs and - hum - is Solaris still around?

Go ahead. Play with it, have fun with it and show it to your friends. You got some, right?

- Timo & Sebastian, The Weasel Parents

Download XMMS Weasel v0.0.1 []
Download XMMS Weasel Demo Movie []
View XMMS Weasel README []
Browse XMMS Weasel CVS []

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March 20, 2004

Movie Time

To get a first impression of our beloved weasel I've made some screen capture. The capture was produce with xvidcap []. Great tool. Playback was checked with mplayer [] and xine []. No problems. Don't ask about Windows Media Player. Window Media Player decided to play only half of the MPEG.

Download (1.24 MByte): xmms-weasel.mpg []

Go! go! go!

- Timo

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March 19, 2004

Extreme Programming

Now thats what I call "from theory to practice": One computer, one screen, two mice and two keyboards. Just the perfect extreme programming environment. We finished hacking some workarounds for the use of xmms-weasel with the window manager Metacity. I'll not comment this topic. Check the source.

We also made some decision regarding coding style etc. pp. In fact, we're very satisfied with the result and are looking forward to releasing xmms-weasel to the public in a few days. Stay tuned.

- Timo

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March 18, 2004

Screenshot Test

Finished "playing" around with the permissions on the Sourceforge *sigh*. Check three: Screenshot! ;-)


- Timo

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Check. One. Two.

Since we're planning to let xmms-weasel 0.0.1 to get out by the end of the week, I've installed Movabletype to have some communication and blog facility.

- Timo

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